Summer Is Back … !

After two years of full & partial pandemic restrictions, it feels like summer is really back in full force this year. The CV19 precautions had locked down a lot of the concerts, festivals, and events that summer typically brings.

This year, the Thursday newspaper events listing for the weekend is fully-loaded again with car shows, new bands on stage, small town festivals, and blockbuster summer movies. We missed so many of these events that were canceled or restricted during CV19.

As an example, even just a year ago, they were still limiting capacity at the Minnesota Twins games in our state. Only about 15,000 people could be “safely” in the ballparks. Now in 2022, my son & I just went to the Indianapolis 500 with almost 400,000 other people!

The returning events are big & small. This weekend our metro zoo is hosting its first in-person fundraising gala in two years, where we hope to raise $2 million. Next weekend our neighborhood is having its first block party since 2019. We still haven’t seen some neighbors in 24 months!

At the same time, my Jeep is full of sports equipment for all the activities I’ve been doing outside for two years. That includes my softball bag, my tennis bag, my bike helmet & lock, my camera drone kit, and an old lawn chair I lug around. Even with summertime events back, I’m trying to keep doing all of the pandemic diversions I enjoy.

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With old & new activities combined, no one can get to everything they would want. As a result, I have a big case of FOMO – fear of missing out. We’re completely booked up this weekend with activities, but there are still a few other returning events I would like to squeeze in. It’s all fun stuff, but there is definitely more than you can fit into one summer!

What activities / events are you happy to see returning this summer?

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