A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations

Summer 2023 started with a bang in May – I was so excited to get back outside and do outside things! In mid-May I raved about the great weather that had rolled in and all of the activities that were underway – including that new-fangled Pickleball! A month later, I noted that my Jeep was filled with tennis gear, my softball bag, a few golf … Continue reading A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations

Birthday Calculator

A friend posted a picture of her grandmother celebrating her 103rd birthday this week – that’s some milestone! Since my birthday is also in April, I got to thinking about the odds of reaching three digits. I found this interesting online calculator that gives you an estimate of your likelihood to reach the century mark: livingto100.org. The doctor who hosts it – Doctor Thomas Perls … Continue reading Birthday Calculator

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Last month, I fell short of my monthly walking goal for the first time since I stopped working 30 months ago. My goal is 12,000 steps a day and I’ve reached at least that many steps whether sunny, rainy, cold, or snowy until I averaged just 11,755 in October. Related: Fitness Activity in Early Retirement I could have probably jumped on the treadmill for ~75 … Continue reading Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Work Stress & Health – By The Numbers

For the last 6 years I worked at the MegaCorp I officially early retired from, I was a Corporate Officer and had the benefit of getting Executive Health benefits.  Since we live in Minnesota, that meant I could go to the Mayo Clinic or a similar program (I usually went to one closer to the office) and be put through a full-day physical once per … Continue reading Work Stress & Health – By The Numbers

Fitness Activity In Early Retirement

Early retirement isn’t just about finances, it is also about keeping yourself healthy.  I am happy to report that I have continued my diligence in tracking my fitness activity into my second year of early retirement.  My daily fitness level is up dramatically compared to my former working self.  Since April of last year, I have boosted my daily steps by almost 70% to an … Continue reading Fitness Activity In Early Retirement

12K Steps to Early Retirement Fitness

Healthy living and corporate life don’t always go together.  Some people do a great job of balancing the two, but others (like me) find the many hours spent at the office are terrific excuse to not work out.  And I am absolutely GREAT at finding excuses to avoid exercise. 🙂 Combine this with the appealing social opportunity of escaping work to go out to eat … Continue reading 12K Steps to Early Retirement Fitness

Fitter or Fatter in Early Retirement?

Like many folks looking forward to early retirement, Captain Sparky is thinking about how he can become more fit.   Retirement goals are predicated on good health, and a lot of early retirees make it a priority. My health has always been good. I had my appendix out once, but that’s about it. I’m 49 years old, 6’ 2” and weigh about 215 pounds, which is down … Continue reading Fitter or Fatter in Early Retirement?