Climbing Into The New Year

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We just returned from a wonderful two weeks in New Orleans and a Caribbean cruise.  Our son is off of college this month on ‘J-Term’, so we took a very early spring break when he has time to enjoy it with us.  It wasn’t all ‘No Responsibility January’ however, this was a busy trip with a lot of walking and some fun adventure activities.  One of the coolest things we did was climb this ancient Mayan pyramid at Chacchoben in Costa Maya, Mexico.

As I’ve written before, I’ve done a great job increasing my fitness level since I stopped working almost 3 years ago.  I’ve published this chart before, but it bears sharing again as it shows how much opportunity the average American has to get more active:

aaaa steps

This January’s trip got me off to a good start for 2019 as I averaged 14.4K steps over the 14 days that we were gone.  Beginning the year with a surplus of steps goes a long way to reaching annual goals as it gives you a little buffer if you get sick or something happens during the year that might otherwise prevent you from getting going for a few days.

Not all trips are alike.  I’ve tracked all of the trips we’ve taken since we made our FIRE escape in 2016.  The busiest trip was our trip to Japan – we averaged an amazing 19.5K steps a day as we walked around Tokyo & Kyoto.  The next highest were a trip to Walt Disney World (18.5K steps/day) and a summer trip to Chicago (16.8K steps/day), where we went to a lot of museums and parks.

Surprisingly, our two week trip to the Holy Land/Petra this past summer was relatively low for walking with only 10.9K/day tallied the two weeks we were there.  We spent a fair amount of time on a coach bus for that trip, so that kept the daily average down.  Similarly, our trip to England & Scotland in 2017 averaged only 10.7K steps/day as we were in the car driving between cities a lot (on the wrong side of the road!).

What’s the most walking you recall doing on a trip somewhere in the world?

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3 thoughts on “Climbing Into The New Year

    1. Trips to Disney are a lot of walking. My daily record in the last 3 years is the 35K day we marched thru WDW in Florida!


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