Happy Economic Freedom Weekend!

I read today that 85% of Americans think “the country is heading in the wrong direction.” It was from a new Associated Press survey and reflects the country’s angst with inflation, interest rates, immigration, CV19 response, and other issues. 85% – I guess the country isn’t DIVIDED anymore! 🙂 For Independence Day weekend, however, I would rather focus on what has made us SUCCESSFUL as … Continue reading Happy Economic Freedom Weekend!

Eating Out & Tipping Trends

If you are like me, you have seen first-hand the struggle many businesses – especially restaurants – are having hiring enough employees right now. An acquaintance who owns a prestigious restaurant company in our metro area said they are so short-handed, they are running at only 50% capacity. As a result, I’ve been tipping extra since the pandemic began last year. I like restaurants and … Continue reading Eating Out & Tipping Trends

MegaCorp Affinity Waning

MegaCorp announced significant layoffs last week .. again. In fact, both of the Fortune 500 companies I worked for have had significant job cuts this year, despite weathering the pandemic pretty well in 2020. I am years away from the two MegaCorps now, but it is still tough to see colleagues let go after long careers. Combined, the two companies cut nearly 5K employees – … Continue reading MegaCorp Affinity Waning

Thanksgiving & Holiday Lockdown

Well, it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m not really sure what I should be doing. I’m not one to get bored, I just don’t know where I should spend my time. Normally at this point of the year, I’m spending time getting our Christmas tree up (2019 picture above), putting white lights up outside, shopping for the Thanksgiving turkey, and making plans for the friends/neighbors party … Continue reading Thanksgiving & Holiday Lockdown

Edgar Guest – ‘It Couldn’t Be Done’

Today, our son joins the world of full-time work after graduating from college last weekend.  He’s starting work in software/web development at a great company that he was an intern at last summer. Last night we were talking about the business and the fun of working on businesses challenges.  I’ve been early retired for over 4 years at this point, but have always loved the … Continue reading Edgar Guest – ‘It Couldn’t Be Done’

What’s Your Time Worth In Early Retirement?

A friend recently spent 8 hours (and a $19.95 fee) taking an online ‘Safe Driving’ program through his insurance company. It was offered to people over 55 for an $80 reduction in their annual insurance premium for a number of future years. He told me when they were in the middle of taking the class and I thought, ‘no thanks’. Not enough juice for the … Continue reading What’s Your Time Worth In Early Retirement?