Shiny Brite ‘Hunting Season’

I love the change of seasons from month-to-month in Minnesota.  Winter, spring, summer, or fall – there are always unique and interesting things to do that capture the spirit of the season.  Over the last few years of early retirement, November has become ‘hunting season’ for me – hunting through antique shops for vintage, Shiny Brite ornaments from the 1940s – 1950s. These vintage treasures … Continue reading Shiny Brite ‘Hunting Season’

Prime Deals on Prime Days?

I have to admit that I wasn’t interested in buying anything on Amazon’s Prime Day, until I saw the highlights of the deals they have. Now there are all kinds of things that seem interesting to me for the big ‘Christmas in July’ sale. Related: Amazon Prime Day Deals Even though we are on vacation, I might take a break from the California sunshine and … Continue reading Prime Deals on Prime Days?

Debt Spending On Kids Sports?

File this phenomenon under the heading ‘I Don’t Get It’.  Parents are now going into debt to fund their kids sports and extracurricular activities because they believe that the skills will help them earn more money some day.  What? The recent survey from, shows that 8 out of 10 of today’s parents believe that the money they spend on sports (30%), music (16%), dance … Continue reading Debt Spending On Kids Sports?