Stop Calling Student Loan Debt A “Crisis”

I really hate writing articles about political issues, but here I am again. The Biden administration’s student debt cancellation policy – which seeks to erase $430 billion in college student loan debt – is in the headlines again. We’re awaiting a Supreme Court’s decision on its Constitutionality, likely this June. It caused me to look a little into the scope of the “CRISIS” as it … Continue reading Stop Calling Student Loan Debt A “Crisis”

What’s Happening In Florida?

We have three friends that have all bought vacation places in Florida over the last few months. The Sunshine State is getting some great new friends, who may become permanent residence, in time. Our friends are settling all-over the state. One couple bought a place on Merritt Island, near Cape Canaveral (they can see rocket launches from their front porch). Another couple bought a place … Continue reading What’s Happening In Florida?

Benchmarking Your 401k Savings

In a recent Vanguard study looking at the state of saving in America, called How America Saves 2021, I ran across this interesting chart. It shows how much people have saved in their 401k accounts for different age groups. It’s often difficult for savers to be able to benchmark where they are at in their journey to retirement, so I thought I would share it … Continue reading Benchmarking Your 401k Savings

Temperature Return On Investment

When you are Snowbirding from the cold Minnesota weather, it’s easy to look at the thermometer and see if you are getting a good return on your vacation investment. Almost halfway through our Winter Summerland escape, I have to say our ROI has been poor so far. Minnesota has had some very cold weather while we’ve been hiding in Florida, but it’s been relatively cold … Continue reading Temperature Return On Investment

Capital Gains Taxes – A Slippery Slope for Retirees?

After President Biden was elected, I went through his proposals and could not find any that really would affect me directly in a negative way. The one concern I noted – before the Republicans lost power in the Senate – was a change in the capital gains tax. Now that we have one-party control in Washington DC – which is always scary – talk of … Continue reading Capital Gains Taxes – A Slippery Slope for Retirees?

One Trip To Another

We are now starting week 4 of our extended Florida stay. We’re not sure what we should call this trip – it’s longer than a simple vacation but short of ‘wintering’ the whole season. We’re not ‘snowbirds’ because we don’t have property here, but we also aren’t tourists because we’ve spent so much time in Florida over the years. Yesterday morning we packed up from … Continue reading One Trip To Another

Board Meeting Busy Time

I always think of the few weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving as relatively ‘quiet weeks’ relative to the holiday hoopla that comes in December, but it is a very busy time of the year for board work. It seems that every board I’ve worked with picks these same few weeks to get in quarterly meetings before the end of the year. Board work has been … Continue reading Board Meeting Busy Time

Optimistic Update To The 4% Rule

If you’re not familiar with the name Bill Bengen, you probably are familiar with his work.  Back in 1994, he published his Trinity Study suggesting that a 4% withdrawal rate of retirement savings would be ‘safe’ for most retirees, based on historical financial returns. Bengen – now long retired himself – has been in the news updating his thoughts on the ‘4% Rule’, as he … Continue reading Optimistic Update To The 4% Rule