Thinking About Post-Pandemic Travel?

Like a lot of people, we are sitting on the sidelines right now when it comes to making any travel plans. One of the crazy things about this pandemic is that there is no where to go to hide from it. I read recently that it has spread to over 200 countries.

We didn’t have any travel booked when the outbreak began, but we were starting to make plans. Our son is graduating from college in a few weeks and we were settling on the details of a two week trip to Iceland and Ireland in the second half of June. The CV19 crisis ground those plans to a very quick halt.

We haven’t looked at travel sites since, but I imagine you can get an amazing deal on a trip if you are willing to book something now. The folks that ‘time’ a trip perfectly for when things reopen will likely save a lot of money and have an uncrowded experience. I read recently that Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 cruise bookings are very strong.

Still, I can’t get myself excited to get on a plane and stay anywhere when there might be multiple ‘waves’ to the virus. I watched a PBS documentary on the Spanish Flu of 1918 and learned that it had three distinct waves, the second of which was the nastiest.

The closest we’ve gotten to talking about planning anything is going to Florida again next winter. We enjoyed our time down there in February this year (before all hell broke loose) and would like to go again, maybe for 6 weeks instead of 3. I’m hopeful that we get some handle on the virus before then, but will definitely want to understand the cancellation policy on anything we consider.

Anyone still thinking of travel for 2020? When would be the soonest you would be willing to book anything?

Image Credit: Pixabay (Iceland & Ireland)

13 thoughts on “Thinking About Post-Pandemic Travel?

  1. Yes, we are in a similar situation. Had to cancel our 4 week Spain trip which would have began this week. We aren’t planning to get on a plane until we see how things play out with a possible second wave. We are now talking about potential road trips, possibly up the Oregon coast or Grand Canyon then up into Utah, Bryce Canyon, etc. Also considering a cross country trip to the East Coast, possibly up thru parts of southern Canada. All TBD and any plans would likely have to include planning overnights in less densely populated areas.

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    1. A road trip to remote national parks seems like it might be a good option for a trip. Once we get to the ‘Phase 1’ or ‘Phase 2’ recovery parameters – which I hope will be by Late-Summer/Fall – that would seem very doable.


  2. We’ve pressed paused on travel right now. Still waiting to see how things evolve over the next few months. My youngest son is graduating HS in June, and we have no idea what it will look like, then all three kids head to college in the fall. No idea how to even start planning. Congrats to your son! What field/major?

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    1. Congrats to you for your youngest graduating. That’s a big achievement for mom & dad, too. Our son will have a computer science degree and has a FT job lined up in July. He might look at starting work earlier now that we’re not going on vacation. His software company is considered ‘essential’, but they are working from home.


    2. Our next planned trip is to Denver the first of August for son’s wedding. Flights are very cheap now, but we might drive from California which is 15 hours. We do have a cruise booked for April 2021 Venice to Istanbul. We booked it last fall.

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      1. Congratulations on your son’s wedding! Glad it is still ‘on’. We have some friends who have a daughter getting married in June and they are getting married, but only with close family. I would think your Med cruise should be good, but who knows? Nice to have something like that to look forward to. We went to Venice for the first time ever in September and loved it.


  3. We’ve also pressed the pause button for the remainder of the year, but if things quiet down enough, we might still do some smaller road trips on the East Coast. We had planned a longer trip to several western national parks (Yellowstone, etc) for June/July, but cancelled everything back in March. Rona is just too much of a travel risk at this point for my wife…certainly a first world problem in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully the second wave turns out to be a big ole’ bust, if so, I imagine we will do Florida again in Feb/Mar of next year…I guess time will tell…


  4. My kids normally go visit my father-in-law right after school is out. Typically leaving the Tuesday or Wednesday after Memorial Day and staying up in Maryland for 2-3 weeks depending on the kid. They have started coming back at different times due to different schedules of stuff for gymnastics or band.

    This year they might be going up a littler earlier, but we haven’t decided if they will fly or drive up.


  5. We are still planning a trip to Disney World with our young kids in October though haven’t booked flights yet and have only put $200 down. Every day, this trip seems less likely and less appealing (no parades, wearing masks, no thanks!). We’re also concerned about the plan to go with my husbands’ parents who are both 65+. Will make the final decision by July. Putting together a contingency plan of Mount Rushmore instead and hopefully this will all be behind us Spring Break next year!

    Ireland and Iceland are both amazing when you can finally make the trip!

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    1. Happy to hear that they are opening Disney Springs very soon! With the protocols they are working out at Shanghai Disney, I would hope they will have a good plan for October. Disney is creative – they’ll keep the magic coming regardless of the virus craziness.


  6. My wife and I were planning on going to Ireland at the end of June as well for our 10th wedding anniversary. Once all hell broke lose with COVID-19, I knew that wasn’t going to happen, but she was still hopeful. I’m glad we didn’t actually book anything. I’m still sad that I wasn’t able to attend my first cricket match.

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