Hardly Linked to LinkedIn Anymore

I’ve written before that for me, social media plays a very positive role in early retirement for keeping in touch with people. I’m pretty tech-involved and use a number of different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn – in pretty different ways and different amounts of engagement.

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The one platform that I use the least is LinkedIn. My usage dropped pretty quickly after I stopped working and almost to zero after a year or two away. I recently went into the app the other day after a long hiatus and was surprised by how much the work-world had changed.

Former colleagues were in new jobs, people had moved companies, friends of mine from one MegaCorp were now working with friends of mine from another MegaCorp. A lot changes in 4 years when you’ve been goofing off.

In general, people I knew from my time working seemed to be doing very well. One guy just got named President & CEO of a big nearby company. A person who worked on my team at MegaCorp became CMO for a fast-growing tech brand. A woman I’ve known since the start of my career is in Asia, doing important work that aids pandemic relief.

I made a couple congratulatory comments on people’s profile notices, but didn’t stay in LinkedIn long. Frankly, I find that too many of the daily posts are stock MegaCorp communications department drivel cut and pasted by employees to promote how fabulous life at MegaCorp is, even if it is not.

Scanning the posts, it seems that everyone’s company has been voted the most ethical, most diverse, most innovative, or best employer by someone. They are all AMAZING – just ask them.

In addition, “during this unprecedented time” (cue soft piano music), they are “are committed to being here for us” and we can “count on their dedicated employees” to “help us all pull through … together.” These sentiments might be inspirational if they weren’t repeated word-for-word in every MegaCorp’s pandemic marketing plan.

How engaging do you find LinkedIn – working or retired?

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9 thoughts on “Hardly Linked to LinkedIn Anymore

  1. I was an early adopter of LinkedIn (2006). Still use it to see what’s up, stay in touch. In my career, I worked with scores of client companies and at five employers. Though my run is done, I enjoy watching theirs.

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    1. I’m sure I was an early adopter, too. I remember sitting in the back of a focus group client room and setting it up with some colleagues that were doing the same. Heck, I probably still have a MySpace page out their somewhere too!


    2. I like to look at it whenever I need a pick me up. It never fails to reinforce my decision to retire early. The posts are populated by the same cast of serial posters and corporate marketing. Everytime I see initiatives to optimize performance, improve corporate culture, or another leadership development thesis, I just smile knowing I’m immune.

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  2. Used it heavily when working for my Mega-Corp. I’ve probably only checked it five times in the last three years, since retiring. I’m betting four of those times were in the first six months after retiring. I find it only helpful… to your point, keeping track of where the “still working” folks are these days. I stay in regular touch with the important ones, so I guess that’s why I rarely check it! Maybe I’ll log in this week…or maybe not…! 😉

    (Gosh I love retirement!)

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    1. “Gosh I love retirement” – agree! My wife and I went hiking with a couple who have been retired about 10 years longer than we have been and he (a former engineer) was blissfully unaware of the existence of LinkedIn. It wasn’t a ‘thing’ when he was working. It made me think that deleting my account might be a good strategy!


  3. I have never used it before (weird, I know!) but I am planning on making a profile simply through the fact that everyone seems to be on there and it’s a great way to connect with colleagues I guess!


    1. Like any social media, it can become another time waster if you do it too much. I find it a good place to Rolodex former colleagues that I don’t see often.


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