Winter Summerland

We are two weeks into our six week winter getaway to Florida and enjoying the summer-like weather. January had relatively mild winter weather in Minnesota, but now that we have escaped, the temperature there has absolutely plummeted. If you think of your vacation investment in winter as having a ‘return on temperature’, our 2021 outlay is looking like Bitcoin right now. As you can see … Continue reading Winter Summerland

Minnesota Winter / Florida Sunshine

It was unusually warm this past week in Minnesota with sunny weather in the 70s. That never happens in November and we’ve been ‘living outside’ every day. Tomorrow it looks like we get back-to-normal in a hurry with a cold front dropping the temperatures into the 30s with rain quickly turning to snow. In Minnesota, it’s not an exaggeration to say these might be the … Continue reading Minnesota Winter / Florida Sunshine

Early Retirement “Snowbirding 101”

Not long ago I had lunch with my recently early retired friend Russ, who gave me the inside scoop on snowbirding from wintery Minnesota to sunny Florida.  Russ and his wife, Tracey, are new to the lifestyle, having bought a condominium on the gulf coast of Florida last year, which they can enjoy now that he retired from MegaCorp at the end of January.  They … Continue reading Early Retirement “Snowbirding 101”

FIRE Station Fun – Frivolous Travel

We are on the last day of spring break and enjoying beautiful 80-degree days in sunny Florida, while our home in Minnesota got hit hard with almost a foot of snow (Minne-snow-da).  One of my brothers posted a picture of his long driveway freshly plowed after 11” of snow! It’s more than escaping the cold for warm weather that makes us love travel.  It’s a … Continue reading FIRE Station Fun – Frivolous Travel

Fill Your Bucket List – Memorable Travels

Since it’s still January, it’s not too late to reflect on 2015, is it?  Maggie Banks at recently posted a provacative post on “bucket lists” and her twist on the idea that she calls her “Fill Your Bucket List”.  The concept is “Instead of making a list of things you would like to see happen in your life, a fill-the-bucket list focuses on the … Continue reading Fill Your Bucket List – Memorable Travels

Mrs. FireStation – My Wife’s Early Retirement


Yesterday, Mrs. Fire Station left on a ‘girls trip’ to Florida with four friends of hers.  She is looking forward to some fun in the sun as the days are already turning a bit crisp & cool here at home.  In fact, I know she would love to spend the winter months someplace sunny when we retire.  I am sure she will bring back some information on the resort she is staying at in Sarasota, with some pictures like the one above (although it is raining today). Continue reading “Mrs. FireStation – My Wife’s Early Retirement”