Florida Four Food Groups

In Celebration, Florida – not far from where we stay in Margaritaville resort – there is a great looking Italian restaurant.

We have never eaten there. For me, Italian food is perfect for cold weather, not the Florida sunshine. I can think of a number of good comfort, food restaurants like that in Florida. Never been to any of them.

For me, the four food groups in Florida are seafood, tacos/Latin, barbecue, and frozen drinks. we just got back from a month and a half in Florida, and I would say that 90% of our lunch and dinners were in those four food groups.

Seafood is especially good in Florida. I love a mahi-mahi entrée, a grouper sandwich, or some shrimp tacos. I bet 90% of our dinners out consisted of those three meals. Combine that with a piña colada or margarita – and what else do you need?!

What special foods do you look forward to on vacation?

9 thoughts on “Florida Four Food Groups

      1. My wife and I have had friends visit us from the Midwest and even from as close by as Arizona. We always receive complements on the quality of the fruits and vegetables we serve. We then tell them that we bought them at this really exotic grocery store called Ralph’s, which is the local Kroger owned chain.

        The Ralph’s that I often go to in Westlake Village actually lists the produce that came from Ventura County, which means it was transported less than 10 miles to the grocery store.

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  1. The local specialty such as seafood in Maine, Pub Dinner in London, anything in Paris, crawfish etouffe in New Orleans, you get the picture

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    1. My two best experiences eating New Orleans food were eating in a nice restaurant where I had never had anything on the menu and didn’t know what to pick so I asked the waiter to bring out his favorite dish. He brought me shrimp and grits. I never would have ordered it and I thought grits were like Cream of Wheat. It was great. The take away was that the chef was so skilled that he could have cooked shoe leather to taste like a steak.

      My other great experience was doing a Summer internship on an off-shore oil rig. I highly recommend anyone who takes Dino fuel for granted to spend time on an off-shore oil rig to obtain an appreciation for what goes into our gas tanks. One of the other workers said to the chef, “The Wisconsin Boy here likes spicy food. Give him some of your best.” It was great!

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      1. I actually love shrimp & grits. I probably ordered it a half-dozen times over the last month. What’s interesting is that it is always a bit different. It doesn’t seem to have the same ‘standard of identity’ most dishes have. There’s fun in the surprise.

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    2. Yes – I’m a big fan of the culinary “when in Rome” approach. That said, I’ve never been a big fan of French food.

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