Winter Summerland

We are two weeks into our six week winter getaway to Florida and enjoying the summer-like weather. January had relatively mild winter weather in Minnesota, but now that we have escaped, the temperature there has absolutely plummeted.

If you think of your vacation investment in winter as having a ‘return on temperature’, our 2021 outlay is looking like Bitcoin right now. As you can see in this forecast comparison, we’re picking up 70-90 degrees each day.

And, this the second straight week of the huge temperature difference. Minnesota weather reporters are calling it the longest cold snap since 1994 – that’s 27 years!

I’ve experienced Minnesota weather in the -20s before and don’t let it keep me cowering inside. That’s part of living in the #BoldNorth. Still, this bonus tropical season has me feeling very satisfied as we go to the beach, outdoor events, and theme parks. How can’t it?

It is also fun that the summer-like weather in Florida has a completely different vibe than our actual summer does in Minnesota. Florida is rum drinks, palm trees, colorful cottages, and Jimmy Buffett on the radio. Minnesota is brats on the grill, towering pines, log cabins, and loons on 10,000 lakes. It’s like a bonus season to add to my project to rearrange the four seasons …

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The difference in climate is why so many places in Florida include ‘winter’ in their name. Winter Garden, Winter Springs, Winter Quarters, and Winter Haven are all near our rental townhouse.

I’m starting to call this whole six week experience our ‘Winter Summerland”.

What other places have a unique sunny vibe in Winter? How would you describe winter in Arizona or New Mexico? How is that different than Florida or California or Texas?

Image Credit: Margaritaville Orlando Resort; Hello Weather

6 thoughts on “Winter Summerland

  1. Arizona is 65-75 right now and just perfect weather in the desert and then actual winter conditions in the mountains. We went from playing in 3 feet of snow for a weekend getaway last weekend to 70s and shorts this week. All within a 2 hour drive.

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    1. We might need to give AZ a go. We have some friends in Scottsdale right now and they sent us some great pix. Is the skiing in AZ up by Flagstaff? How is that?


      1. Yeah we have Snowbowl in Flagstaff and Sunrise Park in Pinetop to the east about 3.5 hours away.

        I haven’t gone ski’ing in Flag, typically they get fresh powder twice a year and then it’s crowded as heck. Sunrise has been a better option for snow levels and crowds historically. But man I do need to get back out on the slopes, it’s been too long,

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