Temperature Return On Investment

When you are Snowbirding from the cold Minnesota weather, it’s easy to look at the thermometer and see if you are getting a good return on your vacation investment. Almost halfway through our Winter Summerland escape, I have to say our ROI has been poor so far.

Minnesota has had some very cold weather while we’ve been hiding in Florida, but it’s been relatively cold here too. Of course no one in Minnesota wants to hear this right now, but you can see in the chart below how much colder it has been compared with last year.

I’m hopeful the temps are heading up later in the month. Usually, the warmer days start coming in bunches after Valentines Day. That’s when the Sunshine State really breaks into blooms and feels great.

How has your winter been?

Image Credit: Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Temperature Return On Investment

    1. We were in Pensacola for a spring break about 10 years ago and never walked out on the beach – it was so cold! Blue Angels we’re cool though!


  1. We only went down for a couple of weeks (primarily due to a new grand daughter) this year. But we were fortunate from a weather perspective. It was in the mid and upper-70’s during our two weeks until our final two days. It dropped to the upper-50’s and lower-60’s those last two days. This was unusually cold for the area we stayed. We’ve been snow birding for seven years, and this year was an outlier. It’s was simply an unusual weather pattern this year. Next year will very likely be back to normal. Florida weather is incredible and we will definitely be continuing our annual pilgrimage!

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    1. Today was finally nice. Sat by the big pool @ Margaritaville and all was right in the world. 🙂


  2. I remember driving down to FL for Christmas vacation one year from U of Wisconsin. Wisconsin was below zero. Florida was 50 degrees and I saw people wearing the same goose down we wore in WI when it was zero. I was delighted with 50 degrees. I had the beach to myself.

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      1. Perfect for the Super Bowl! As a Packers fan who watched Stafford’s takent wasted with the Lions for so long, I’ll be cheering for him on Sunday.

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      2. I was going to make a similar comment about living in Southern CA. It was really rough weather for a couple days between Christmas and New Years. Actually had to close the windows.

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    1. My wife & I learned a long time ago to bring our winter jackets with us to Florida in the winter. I bet I’ve used mine on 10 different days already in the last 30.

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