Temperature Return On Investment

When you are Snowbirding from the cold Minnesota weather, it’s easy to look at the thermometer and see if you are getting a good return on your vacation investment. Almost halfway through our Winter Summerland escape, I have to say our ROI has been poor so far. Minnesota has had some very cold weather while we’ve been hiding in Florida, but it’s been relatively cold … Continue reading Temperature Return On Investment

‘Unfortunate Work Week’ – For Who?

We had a chilly and wet weekend here in Minnesota. Since our seasons are so extreme, we count on nice summer weather June through August before weather slides into fall and winter. With rain almost all day yesterday and temperatures in the 50s when we went to the garden center today, quite a few people were grumbling. Last night, the ‘weather elf’ on our local … Continue reading ‘Unfortunate Work Week’ – For Who?