Speedy Service or Expensive Convenience?

You would think the last thing an early retiree might need is time saving technology. After all, if I don’t have the time to get things done, who would?

That said, I’ve recently fallen in love with the convenience of restaurant ordering apps. I’ve always had one for ordering pizza, but in the last week, I’ve added four more to my phone: Five Guys, Chipotle, Jimmy John’s, and Quizno’s.

It started just before my son and I took our 8 state road trip from MN to NC. He loves Five Guys burgers, but the location near us always has long lines. He suggested ordering through the app and we probably saved 10-15 minutes. When we hit the road for our trip, we downloaded a couple more of these and had our food orders waiting for us at sandwich shops strategically located just off the highway so that we could run in & out without losing any time on our route.

What all of these places have in common is they are all fast food places that specialize in making things fresh to order and allow a good deal of customization. Tonight is Sunday Night Dinner & Retro Movie at our house and I just ordered Chipotle to be picked up before we watch Indiana Jones.

From a personal finance perspective, online ordering isn’t saving us any money. In fact, since it is becoming easier to order food from a restaurant, we are likely to eat restaurant food more often in the future. The ApplePay integration on the Chipotle app made the purchase so easy I couldn’t even tell you what I paid without looking at the receipt. Since they say that 80% of the cost of foodservice is the service, not the food itself, overspending is probably the key risk. The apps say they will occasionally send us ‘special offers’ but we’ll have to see if these amount to anything significant.

What’s your experience using these apps? Worthwhile or worthless?

Image Credit: DigitalEdition.com

3 thoughts on “Speedy Service or Expensive Convenience?

  1. On the whole quite positive. I’ve found these apps often provide coupons or promos otherwise not available to me. Some are even for free samples. Since they are places I shop anyway it actually saves me money. Now if your susceptible to advertising or don’t frequent he place I’d recommend against it.

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  2. My friend has an app for Starbucks and she orders us these yummy strawberry drinks, ready for pick up after our shopping. I love it!

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