Car Shopping – Patience Pays

It’s been almost a year since I published this POST about shopping for our next SUV and our “7 rules” to maximize our purchase. Just today, I am finally signing the papers on our next set of wheels.

After a few stops & starts, I finally got serious about finding our next SUV last month when we had a $2.8K breakdown. I had kept putting off shopping over & over before that final straw broke.

Our new SUV is a newer version of our current BMW X5, with more bells & whistles. We followed all of the parameters I put out last year – it’s a 2 year old vehicle, just 10K miles, several years of full warranty still in effect, and we even got a fair price on our trade-in. We found the new SUV in Asheville NC over the internet.

Being patient paid off. I found a similarly equipped vehicle at a dealer in our metro area last month, but couldn’t close a gap of about $1K when negotiating the price. My wife encouraged me to just buy it – because it was exactly equipped the way I wanted (even colors) – but I was patient. It just felt like they were a bit overpriced and wouldn’t budge.

Since I’m not working, I decided to spend some time looking for a better deal. I looked online every couple days and test drove some other makes & models. In the end, rather than pay the $1K more the local dealer wanted, I found a year older X5 for $11K less! Patience paid.

This is now the second vehicle in a row that we’ve bought from out of state. I have to pay to have it shipped to MN for $1K, but I am fine with that. I’m also OK not having been able to have test driven it since it is certified, has full warranty, & maintenance coverage by the dealer.

I’m not sure yet exactly when it will be delivered, but I am quite happy at how the purchase came together.

Anyone else in the market for their next set of wheels this summer?

Image Credit: Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Car Shopping – Patience Pays

  1. I need a new car. I like my old Saturn, it’s hard to part with. Dent proof, rust proof exterior. Has room for my bike, make it though that nasty snow storm this past winter that the school buses could not navigate (ugh). I wish they’d just bring back Saturn.


    1. I think GM’s Saturn experiment isn’t coming back at this point. If you like it, stick with it though. Must be getting up there in miles. The SUV I am trading in is my old company car. I’ve had it about 7 years now.


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