Which Season?

The Minnesota State Fair – is the traditional end to Summer in our state. The 12-day event started last Thursday and will end on Labor Day Monday.

In our family, we mark the exact moment the summer ends by saying that it happens when one of us sips a glass of cold apple cider at the Minnesota Apple Growers booth at the State Fair. Sorry, pumpkin spice … apple cider is the official drink of autumn in these parts.

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As much as summer is cherished in a state where the temperatures can drop to -30 degrees below zero in the winter, autumn is the real gem of our four seasons. Recently, someone asked this question online and the response was overwhelming …

If you could have 4 more weeks of any season, which would it be?

An amazing 81% of Minnesotans said “Fall”, followed by 11% for “Summer”, and just 3% for Spring and Winter. There were many mentions that it didn’t matter which season – spring, summer, or fall – as long as the 4 weeks came out of hated winter!

I love both Summer & Fall, but answered Fall. while I love the warm predictability of summer, I’m also happy for the hot & humid weather to pass through and get to the crisp, cooler nights. The changing leaves make for great hikes and colorful backdrops for football games and bonfires. Since I don’t work, I’m out & about almost every nice day in the Fall, soaking up the atmosphere.

Which season would you add 4 weeks to in your state/country?

8 thoughts on “Which Season?

  1. Fall for sure! I’m watching the stonemasons put the finishing touches on our new outdoor fireplace today, and can’t wait for the cooler weather to arrive! Bring on Fall in Virginia!

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    1. Yes, spring is nice as the days get longer. It’s a more hopeful time than fall for that reason. Still, in MN, spring is often the muddy & rainy season. I don’t love that!


    1. I imagine in a hot state like Virginia the summers are pretty unbearable. Bring on Fall and cool weather days! Today was 60-degrees at wake up in MN. The high today will be a cool 74.

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