Pricing Too Good To Last

Our puppy chewed up the corner of one of our bath mats this week. He doesn’t do that too often anymore. We’re not sure why he suddenly gnawed it up. It wasn’t a big loss as it gave us a chance to look for a new one.

We went to Macy’s at the mall yesterday because they seemed to have a big selection. It’s hard to shop for a rug online because you want to see how it feels.

Macy’s had a nice set that we liked, but they were missing one size we needed. We found it on their webpage and the nice clerk said they could ship it to us free of charge.

When she went to ring it up the craziness began. There were ‘SALE’ signs all over the department, but the ones we were buying – a Martha Stewart set – weren’t included. Still, they were on sale on the Macy’s webpage. Not just a little savings, they were 40% off and then another 30% off the sale price.

She was more than happy to match the sale price from online – it’s their store after all. But it took her a while to figure out how to override the store pricing. In the end, she gave us an even lower price and told us it was our lucky day because it was too much work to void out the transaction and start over.

Would you believe the 4 rugs we bought were priced at $260 in store and we ended up paying just $90?! They ended up 65% cheaper by simply looking online.

After the double discount, the nice clerk’s time, and the cost of shipping the one rug to us for free, I can see why stores like Macy’s are closing. Their pricing just doesn’t make any sense and they can’t be making any money on the sale.

What’s the strangest store pricing scheme you’ve run into lately?

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