My Time Running The World …

My son and I tuned into the Supreme Court confirmation hearings this week. We debated some of the issues that were brought up, but don’t worry, I won’t get into politics here.

Instead, I wanted to comment on how surprised I was that Kentanji Brown Jackson was born in 1970. That makes her YOUNGER than me by a full 4 years!

After that shock hit me, I discovered that Jackson wouldn’t even be the youngest Supreme Court Justice, as Amy Coney Barrett was born in 1972. Neil Gorsuch is also younger than me (1967) – but thankfully, I’m a full year younger than old man Brett Kavanaugh (1965).

At age 55, I find myself paradoxically ‘old’ in some situations and ‘young’ in others. Being early retired exacerbates that feeling. I often joke to my son that “my turn running the world is about over and it’s time for younger people like you to do the hard work now.” 🙂

I guess I thought that was a funny joke until this week, when I realize that younger people are starting to run the world now. Whether it’s politicians, business leaders, Hollywood stars, writers, artists, sports personalities, or trend makers, I increasingly feel that the torch of leadership really is “being passed to a new generation”

(Yes, I know I could still be President, given the ages of Biden & Trump!)

What makes you feel old or young relative to the new leaders of current events?

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4 thoughts on “My Time Running The World …

  1. My wife and I were at least 15 years older than most of the other parents in our childrens’ schools. We didn’t feel old and looked younger than our age, but there was still a difference in life experiences.

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    1. It seems like parents of different ages get along if their kids are the same age. That’s enough if a ‘shared experience’. I have a few good friends that are 10-15 years older than me. Our kids grew up together in one case. I went to grad school with another. A third I play softball with. Having activities in common is the key.


  2. It’s watching my kids grow up that make me feel old. It seems like it was only a few years ago driving them to soccer and hockey games. My son started last year college and my daughter is getting her drivers license.

    Of course our definition of what is old keeps changing. Ask a teenager what age is old and the answer will be very different than a retiree’s answer. .

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    1. I often say, “I can’t believe how old our son has gotten. The funny thing is, as our kids age, we all stay the same age.” Always gets a laugh among the parents. 😁


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