Executor Role Overview

My wife was appointed executor of her father’s Will after his passing earlier this month. It’s a daunting role that starts immediately and lasts until all bills are paid and assets distributed. For us, there is a lot to learn, but she is approaching it as her last opportunity to honor her father’s wishes. Here are seven key things we’ve learned that an executor of … Continue reading Executor Role Overview

Big Numbers, Little Numbers

Friends we know recently asked us, “How do you manage your finances as a couple?” My wife answered: “Big Numbers and Little Numbers.” That IS how we do it – she manages the household checkbook and monthly bills (little numbers). I manage investments and annual tracking (big numbers). It’s not about importance – they both are important. It’s just what we are good at. She … Continue reading Big Numbers, Little Numbers

Financial Literacy In The Classroom

Paul Simon lamented “all the crap I learned in high school” and I tend to agree with him. I wasn’t a great student, but most of the coursework wasn’t great either. Much of it was too specialized or abstract to have value to most students. A new North Carolina state requirement is putting a personal finance course into their classrooms. I think this is terrific. … Continue reading Financial Literacy In The Classroom

Travel Medical Insurance

We’re heading on our big trip of the year next month and I’ve been looking into our health insurance coverage.  I’ve taken dozens of overseas trips for fun or for work over the years, but I’ve honestly never bothered to understand how I was covered for any medical issues. Recently, a of couple situations came up that caused me to rethink my ‘ignorance is bliss’ … Continue reading Travel Medical Insurance

Taxes – Too Complicated for DIY

Some friends I play softball with in the summer got together for our ‘Winter Meeting’ the other night.  We don’t talk too much softball, but enjoy a few beers and catch up on what’s happened in our lives since last August when we played our last game. This year, we started chatting about getting our income taxes pulled together.  Some guys had already filed their … Continue reading Taxes – Too Complicated for DIY

Bitcoin – Has It Dissolved Yet?

With the New Year underway, I thought it would be a good time to give an update on our (very) small Bitcoin investment that I have written about several times. Reading the headlines, you would assume that the bottom has fallen out of the cryptocurrency market. Like many things, that is a matter of perspective. Each morning, I get a notification on my iPhone signaling … Continue reading Bitcoin – Has It Dissolved Yet?

Really BAD Financial Advice

If you follow personal finance news at all, you may have recently seen Suze Orman making headlines by throwing up all over the FIRE (financially independent & retired early) movement.  When it comes to FIRE, she says she “Hates it. Hates it. Hates it.” and it may be the “dumbest personal finance decision” people can make. I’ve written before about Orman’s highly suspect financial expertise and … Continue reading Really BAD Financial Advice

Biggest Financial Regrets – Have Any?

Someone recently started a thread on Reddit asking “What is your biggest financial mistake/regret?” I posted a couple articles on our biggest mistakes in the past and so I perused the Reddit thread to see if our misery had some company. Here were the responses – in order of how often people mentioned them: Spent too much on college/an impractical major (6) I was surprised … Continue reading Biggest Financial Regrets – Have Any?