A Tale Of Two Charts

Americans have been cash-poor for decades leading into the pandemic last year. It seems that using credit – mortgages, student loans, car loans, and consumer credit – have just become an unfortunate part of American life. Related: Debt Has Spread Like Virus With the pandemic, people are spending less on discretionary things like travel and eating out and the government has sent out several rounds … Continue reading A Tale Of Two Charts

Unique Spaces In Unique Places …

When we checked out of the condo we were staying at near Orlando last week and headed to Gulfport FL, we also made a big switch in accommodations. We left the gated & manicured 1,100 suite Hilton Tuscany Village for the causal, one-of-a-kind, Blue Hen Bungalow just off Beach Boulevard (above). On AirBNB or VRBO we can usually find a variety of places to mix … Continue reading Unique Spaces In Unique Places …

One Trip To Another

We are now starting week 4 of our extended Florida stay. We’re not sure what we should call this trip – it’s longer than a simple vacation but short of ‘wintering’ the whole season. We’re not ‘snowbirds’ because we don’t have property here, but we also aren’t tourists because we’ve spent so much time in Florida over the years. Yesterday morning we packed up from … Continue reading One Trip To Another

Winter Summerland

We are two weeks into our six week winter getaway to Florida and enjoying the summer-like weather. January had relatively mild winter weather in Minnesota, but now that we have escaped, the temperature there has absolutely plummeted. If you think of your vacation investment in winter as having a ‘return on temperature’, our 2021 outlay is looking like Bitcoin right now. As you can see … Continue reading Winter Summerland

Suddenly … Five Years

We went to Walt Disney World on Wednesday morning and spent the day at one of our favorite places …. EPCOT Center. Before we left our rented townhouse, I peeked at my daily FaceBook ‘Memories’ which included this unforgettable post from exactly 5 years ago … The funny this is, I had forgotten it. You would think like a birthday or anniversary, you would remember … Continue reading Suddenly … Five Years