Cold & Rainy

Our preseason softball practice was cancelled this week due to rainy, windy weather in the low 40s. While other parts of the country are already enjoying golf and baseball opening day, we are muddling through April. We’ve had some nice days in the 80s, but also below freezing temperatures and snow. Our unpredictable ’Spring Showers’ season is meteorologically frustrating. People are anxious to get outside, … Continue reading Cold & Rainy

Preventative Care Coverage Prevented?

Quite unexpectedly this is the second post in an unplanned series about preventative insurance care coverage. After I posted on Monday about being charged for my annual check up, I ran across this article stating that annual check ups and other preventative care claims will no longer be covered under the Affordable Care Act. Link: Court Strikes Down Coverage of Preventative Care It seems that … Continue reading Preventative Care Coverage Prevented?

A Good Question To Ask At Your Next Check-Up

I’ve always been good about going in for my annual checkup, both when I was working and now 7 years into early retirement. I was blessed to work for MegaCorps that had on-site health clinics and executive health programs, that made it easy. I recently went in to our post-retirement clinic for my annual check up and was surprised to get a bill for $278 … Continue reading A Good Question To Ask At Your Next Check-Up

Starting Out or Waiting – Homeownership

With interest rates rising and housing prices up, it’s no surprise that home affordability is in the headlines. I thought I’d share these two charts that highlight trends in the ‘starter home’ market … First, this US Census chart is making the rounds as evidence that young people can’t afford homes … You can see that the gap between 35 & 65 year olds has … Continue reading Starting Out or Waiting – Homeownership

Financial Potholes – Ten To Dodge!

It’s pothole season and good friend and regular reader, “Bowmanifesto”, commented about the “financial potholes” that prevent people from reaching FIRE (financial independence & retiring early). Just like the potholes in the road, there are hundreds of financial hazards that we all need to dodge each year. Just like the holes in the road, financial potholes aren’t catastrophic, they are just annoying costs that add … Continue reading Financial Potholes – Ten To Dodge!

Stop Calling Student Loan Debt A “Crisis”

I really hate writing articles about political issues, but here I am again. The Biden administration’s student debt cancellation policy – which seeks to erase $430 billion in college student loan debt – is in the headlines again. We’re awaiting a Supreme Court’s decision on its Constitutionality, likely this June. It caused me to look a little into the scope of the “CRISIS” as it … Continue reading Stop Calling Student Loan Debt A “Crisis”