Are You Still An Athlete?

I like to scan the forums over on and sometimes I’ll even tally up up responses to a post to measure how people respond to certain questions. Recently someone provocatively asked “Are you still an athlete?” It drew a lot of comments so I went through them to see what other early retirees are doing athletically … Running was the most popular activity by … Continue reading Are You Still An Athlete?

Debt Spending On Kids Sports?

File this phenomenon under the heading ‘I Don’t Get It’.  Parents are now going into debt to fund their kids sports and extracurricular activities because they believe that the skills will help them earn more money some day.  What? The recent survey from, shows that 8 out of 10 of today’s parents believe that the money they spend on sports (30%), music (16%), dance … Continue reading Debt Spending On Kids Sports?

Another Knot At MegaCorp

Good old MegaCorp is having a tough old time.  After some really strong performance over the last 18-24 months, they have gotten themselves into a bit of a knot lately.  Yesterday, the company reported sales & profits dropped, they reduced full-year investor guidance (even though it’s only Q1), and are slashing 2,000 jobs around the world. I connected with a few former colleagues and it … Continue reading Another Knot At MegaCorp

Save For Retirement Before College?

One of the many ‘rules’ most financial experts advise is saving for your own retirement before saving for your kids’ post-secondary education.  The idea is like when you are on a plane – you should put on your own oxygen mask before helping your little ones with theirs.  The curiously paradoxical thing about this financial advice is that no one I have ever met seems … Continue reading Save For Retirement Before College?

The Dumbest Investment Chart

The colorful and entertaining Callan ‘Periodic Table’ was recently updated with 2018 market results.  It tracks the investment returns of key indices over the past two decades.  The most recent year – the 20th in the chart – was challenging. As you can see, cash was king and few investments posted positive returns. I have often referred to the chart as “fascinating, but useless” because … Continue reading The Dumbest Investment Chart

Third FIRE Anniversary (3) – Go Your Own Way

This is the third (and longest) in a series of Anniversary posts marking three years since we embarked on our FIRE lifestyle (financially independent & retired early) back in 2016 … In my experience talking with people, the first considerations people have when thinking about early retirement are primarily FINANCIAL. You want to feel good about your nest egg, investments, and spending. Next is your … Continue reading Third FIRE Anniversary (3) – Go Your Own Way