How Simple To Spend $$$

How easy it is to buy things nowadays? Just a week after getting my extra garage space, I’m on a plane this morning to a car dealer near Madison, Wisconsin to pick up my new Jeep.

After researching what I wanted online for a week, I bought this Wrangler with just 2 phone calls and an email. One call to confirm it was available and equipped as advertised. An email to receive/sign the purchase agreement. And, a second call to confirm delivery details.

Bingo, bango, bongo … just that quick! I never even saw a picture of the Jeep until after I had signed for it. I bought it literally ‘sight unseen’.

It helps that the Jeep is brand new and fully under warranty until 2024. There’s no need to test drive it ahead of time as it is coming right off the dealer lot. If there is anything wrong, our local Jeep dealer will be happy to take care of it. They love warranty work.

Even though cars are in short supply right now, I was able to find exactly the model I wanted, with the options I wanted, and even the color. In fact, deciding which color I wanted actually took the most time!

I’ll take my time driving it back home this afternoon – and am planning on stopping at a few waterfalls I found on the route. It will be fun to take some backroads in my new ‘Waterfall Expedition Vehicle’ to start the weekend.

What’s the most surprisingly simple, but substantial purchase you’ve made recently?

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6 thoughts on “How Simple To Spend $$$

      1. A little time consuming…we worked with a landscape design company last year for several months to design a layout and provide architectural drawings to scale. Fortunately, those design costs were relatively small (<$1k). We recently hired a local stone mason to do the actual work. The labor is approximately 50% of the overall cost, which is fairly normal in Virginia. It did take some time (…8 months) to find a good stone mason in our area though. It’s a fading profession, so they are hard to find now. And if you find one, they are booked for months.

        Btw, the Jeep is awesome! Love the color! The new pup is going to look great riding along with the top off! 🐶

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      2. The new pup doesn’t like riding in the car too much so far. Gets quite nervous and sometimes even car sick. We’ll hope he out grows it!


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