The New Branch Office

We were supposed to find a new everyday vehicle for my wife this month, but we haven’t gotten out to any dealerships yet. In the meanwhile, I signed a monthly lease for this nearby storage garage to hold a new ‘fun’ car for me.

I have an SUV for everyday needs that my son and I bought in North Carolina a few years ago. I also have a sports car that I got soon after I retired that I drive in the summer and in performance events. With our 3-car garage completely full (and our son’s car in the driveway), we were capped for parking space.

Still, I’ve been interested in expanding the fleet for some time. I’d love to have more room to rotate through some other vehicles as more of a hobby, starting with a Jeep. I have a few friends who have car collections with multiple cars in offsite garages, but I’ve been limited on space.

This ‘branch office’ – just 5 minutes from our house – will be easy to drive in & out of to switch cars. It’s about $170/month because single garage rentals like this are in huge demand right now. It’s a month-to-month lease, so I can easily exit if I find a better solution.

Anyone else have a fleet that extends beyond their home garage?

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6 thoughts on “The New Branch Office

  1. Wow, setting up a fleet with off site storage.

    There is nothing wrong with spending money on what makes you happy, and please ignore the following it that is the case.

    Although looking from the outside in with a FIRE mindset I can’t help but wonder if this is a cost effective solution. I would think for the amount of times another vehicle type is truly needed a rental would be a cheaper and less hassle option. Rent a jeep/truck/convertible for the times you need to haul/tow something, need 4 wheel drive, or drive around with the top down for a weekend or special trip.

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    1. Tech, the interesting thing is that after a few years of retirement, whether you retire earlier than normal or at an expected time, your thoughts of spending and value evolve. We realize that we can enjoy our hard earned efforts and will spend even if it doesn’t pencil out in the efficiency arena.
      For instance my wife and I booked a Nile River cruise with a pre excursion to Jerusalem and post excursion to Jordan. With business air seats, the fare is $32,000 which to me seems outrageous. This is what we like to do and flying from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv is a slog, even in business class.
      Years ago I would have shaken my head over this type of spending. But I recall what my mother used to say to my Dad… can’t take it with you

      Now do I gaze at the Porsche cars at the specialty repair shop two blocks from me(well the older ones)? I do, but I would never buy one as that is not where I get enjoyment, to each his own within their means

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      1. Wow – that is quite a flight! How long are you in the air from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv?


    2. Good question/comment – honestly, the benefit here is purely as a hobby – something to drive & customize. With a Jeep, the offroad activities you can do wouldn’t be allowed under a rental agreement and you can’t jack up a rental. Sports cars are even harder to rent and I’m certain they wouldn’t want to see you ripping around a track. It is purely a hobby – so nothing is “truly needed” here and there is a lot of fun in collecting / ownership.


  2. JEEP. Just empty every pocket! Said from someone that has owned four. Currently have a Rubicon that I hope to keep forever. As for offsite storage … yes … an Airstream.


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