The Perfect Nap

I don’t take a nap every day, but I’m not opposed to a good afternoon snooze. It’s one of the benefits of early retirement.

After pulling out 7 shrubs, playing a softball doubleheader, losing a close tennis match, getting the Jeep in for an oil change, and going to 3 board committee meetings at our metro zoo – in just 24 hours – I deserved one yesterday!

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My wife & our pupper, Riley, joined me for a snooze. I closed my eyes at 3pm without setting the alarm clock at all. That’s the perfect nap: to lay down and know you can sleep as long – or short – as you wish. No limits either way.

I guess this approach is the opposite of the scheduled ‘power nap’ popularized in the 1990s. I can snooze 30 minutes or 90 minutes with nothing to hurry off to. Today I woke up after about 40 minutes. That was perfect.

Waking up naturally whenever it happens seems so much more restful than an alarm telling me when to get up. Maybe it has to do with sleep cycles as you move from deep to light sleep. Whatever it is, for me it’s the ‘Perfect Nap’.

Do you take a nap in the afternoon? How often in the course of a typical week?

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11 thoughts on “The Perfect Nap

  1. I agree a nap with no limits and being able to wake up on your own makes for the prefect nap. Although sometimes a too long of a nap affects my sleep cycle. The last time I had a nap I was recovering from my Covid vaccine. I would love to take a nap during large corporate meetings yesterday had a 3 hour meeting which I wish I took at nap during. 😉

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    1. I’m not sure if I could stay awake if I had to go back to MegaCorp meetings today. 3 hours is too long. I once read that everyone needs a break after about 90 minutes.

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      1. The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made His greatest gifts the commonest.

        Martin Luther

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  2. Warren Buffett says “you either make money in your sleep, or you die working to make money.”

    I listen to the master and take a nap almost everyday after a late lunch. My Rottweiler and Rotterman are creatures of habit and expect to go up to our bedroom and plop down on their dog beds that are situated next to ours right after all our respective lunches.

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    1. Dogs know real the real secret to living the good life: their existence revolves around heavy doses of playing, socializing, eating, and napping!

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      1. I messed up and posted in the wrong place. Must be sleep deprivation from not having my nap yet.

        “The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made His greatest gifts the commonest.”
        Martin Luther

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    1. 2-3 days a week is perfect frequency for the ‘perfect nap’. You deserved it more than I did since you had to deal with frazzled clients like me!

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      1. Frazzled on the inside working on most of those brands, actually! Still, we got all of them turned around and humming – didn’t we?! With great copy leading the way! Always proud to say the team drove each & every business I was on to record sales & margins.


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