Calendar Chaos Continues

One aspect of my career that has ‘invaded’ my early retirement is living with an electronic calendar. Perhaps I was naive, but I thought I would be gleefully off the digital date keeper once I left MegaCorp. After decades of having my days organized with electronic group calendaring software – from early Higgins to Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook – I thought it would be … Continue reading Calendar Chaos Continues

“It’s Time Someone In This House Had A Job!”

Things have now come full-circle at the FIRE Station as our son left the house this morning for his first day of ‘professional’ work. He just finished his third year of college and has a summer job / internship working at a software company. It used to be that he was the kid goofing off in the summer while I went to the office, but … Continue reading “It’s Time Someone In This House Had A Job!”

Third FIRE Anniversary (3) – Go Your Own Way

This is the third (and longest) in a series of Anniversary posts marking three years since we embarked on our FIRE lifestyle (financially independent & retired early) back in 2016 … In my experience talking with people, the first considerations people have when thinking about early retirement are primarily FINANCIAL. You want to feel good about your nest egg, investments, and spending. Next is your … Continue reading Third FIRE Anniversary (3) – Go Your Own Way

Another Odd Reaction To FIRE

Reaching financial independence & retiring early (FIRE) leads to all kinds of interesting reactions from people I meet. Some want to learn how you did it, others are puzzled over how it could be done, but most are just happy for you. Yesterday someone said simply, “I want to live your life!” Related: Funniest Reactions to FIRE Related: Odd Comments & Snappy Remarks Not all … Continue reading Another Odd Reaction To FIRE