Sunday Night Blues No More …

My oldest brother joined the ranks of retired goof-offs with his final day of work last Friday. Unlike me, he said he dutifully put in a full days work.

Now that he’s done, he’s enjoying his first Sunday night that’s not a “school night” in quite some time. It’s still cold in Minnesota, but summer break is here!

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I know he greatly enjoyed his career, but I’m sure he will enjoy Sunday nights much better without the has inevitable Sunday Night Blues.

Congrats, Big Brother!

Image: Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Blues No More …

  1. Welcome (to your brother) to the “I Love Mondays Club”!

    I have to admit, that I still cringe for my grown daughters, who now occasionally have the Sunday Night Blues. They occasionally mention having the Sunday Night Blues (every now and then) on visits, and I still have that split second cringe that I felt for so many years…ugh! (It’s been nearly six years, and I still remember it well.) Glad it’s gone, and your bother will be too! I hope he learns to enjoy Sundays again! Congrats to him!

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    1. Agree – Sometimes our son will come over for dinner on Sunday and even though he has a job he enjoys, you know some “school nights” are tough.


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