The Real Mr. Fire Station

I never planned on making any money off of this blog or monetizing the traffic in any way. Still, if it had exploded into millions of readers and I received a 8-figure offer to buy it, this is the kind of place I would have wasted some of that money on … a real fire station!

This one is for sale in the French Quarter of New Orleans and selling for $4.3 million right now. If any readers have early retired as mega-billionaires and want to reward me for my insightful personal finance advice, this would be a terrific thank you gift …

If you are not willing or able to make me into The Real Mr. Fire Station, I completely understand. Still, have a great weekend!

Source: Ridiculous Real Estate

3 thoughts on “The Real Mr. Fire Station

  1. Lol! That’s an awesome remodel! I can see why you like it so much! For me, it’s old barns. I guess it’s the country boy in me!

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      1. They’re great. I’ve especially always loved old barns. We have so many that are over 100 years old in our area. I catch myself stopping quiet often just to take pictures of old barns. My wife thinks I’m crazy.

        But I have to admit, sliding down a fire-pole would be pretty awesome to come down for breakfast too! 😜


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