Top Posts 2015 – Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year, Everyone!  Thank you all for your support in our journey to early retirement and this blog, which I launched 12 months ago.  It has grown to almost 200 followers/fans, 1000 visitors in 2015, and 5,000 views.  I appreciate your interest, “likes”, and comments.

Here are the Top Ten most read MrFireStation posts of 2015 …

  1. Work One More Year As A Gift To Charity
  2. No Plans For Early Retirement
  3. Post-it Flag Countdown To Early Retirement
  4. Early Retirement – Odd Comments & Snappy Remarks
  5. FIRE Milestones: Reaching Millionaire Status
  6. Six Ways To Prepare For Early Retirement Lifestyle
  7. Early Retirement Countdown – FOUR Months Left
  8. How Much Is Enough – Jimmy John’s
  9. FIRE Milestones: Picking Your Early Retirement Date
  10. Liebster Award – 10 Questions For Mr.FireStation

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3 thoughts on “Top Posts 2015 – Happy New Year!

  1. Happy new year…and now I have numerical goals for my blog next this year. (A full year of blogging – 1000 visitors/5000 views). Cause even in retirement, goals require measures! Lol!


    1. I’m not the expert by any means of how to grow traffic, but it does grow quite a bit month-by-month. My original goal was to have “100 regular readers”. That makes the time spent worthwhile.

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