Spry At The Plate

Exactly 50 years ago, this Racine (WI) Journal-Times piece described my Grandpa, Paul Klimek. He was a accomplished softball player and proudly kept this clipping in his wallet his entire life.

This year, I’m also “a spry, 56 year-old” on the softball field. While I don’t pitch, I also went “three-for-five with the stick” and scored a couple runs in our season opener.

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A month into the season, I’m enjoying the best year at the plate I’ve had since I started playing again after early retirement. I’m batting .421 and on-base .565 at about the midpoint of the season.

When I got back on the field 6 years ago, it was my goal to try to match the longevity in my Grandpa’s clipping. Now, I’ll hang in there as long as the team will have me …

What activities are you enjoying this summer?

Image Credit: Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Spry At The Plate

  1. You reminded me I miss playing softball.

    For this summer, I started restoring a car that has been sitting in my garage for years.

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      1. Very nice! If I got a vintage sports car, that would be high on my list. Especially the early 68-69 years with the chrome bumpers. I saw one at auction last fall in nice shape (with the basic 350 V8) and was tempted. I think it sold for less than $30K. A 427 was also auctioned, but that was more than double the price. Is yours a hardtop or convertible?

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  2. It has a T-top and sat in my garage for 30 years. Plan to go through about everything. Might do a light resto-mod with hydraulic roller cam, high flow aluminum ported heads, fuel injection, and five speed overdrive.

    It has a built-in Millennial theft deterrent system, otherwise known as a manual transmission.

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    1. That sounds like a great project. The husband of a friend of mine has a black one with a Chevy big block in it. I’m guessing it’s in the 73-74-75 era – just before the pollution control became standard.

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