Free-Lance Writer In Early Retirement?

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When people ask me what I do to keep busy in early retirement, I almost never mention writing  I guess that’s odd, given that I created the site more than three years ago and have now posted over 400 articles.  Even though I probably spend about 2 hours a week writing and updating the site, I haven’t ever actually considered myself a ‘writer’.

Sometimes people will say I’m a good writer, but I figure they are just being nice.  I didn’t get especially good grades in English classes and I don’t know grammatical rules very well (even enough to know which ones I am breaking).  A friend’s wife helped edit a post for me a couple years ago and I was surprised at how many simple mistakes I had made.  She turned around the structure of about a dozen of my sentences and they all sounded a lot better.  Since ignorance is bliss, I’ve never asked for anyone to help edit a post since!

I used to publish articles three times a week, but backed it down to 2x a week after I stopped working.  I’ve found I actually have LESS time and LESS interesting things to say now that I don’t have a job to go to or MegaCorp to complain about anymore.  Still, I am pleased to see that thousands of people come to the site each week (or subscribe) and want to read new articles (my original goal was to get just 100 readers to the site).

When my wife and I were on vacation recently, I stopped in a store to get a quick picture.  For security reasons, she wondered if I was ‘allowed’ to do that since it was a Duty Free Shop in an airport.  I said, “If they ask, I will simply explain that I am a free-lance writer and that I am authoring an article.” 

After I said it, I kind of liked the sound of it.  With 400 posts under my belt, I guess I need to start giving myself more credit for being a writer.  I’m not getting paid, but I do get thousands of readers.

Maybe if I write more travel posts I can even start writing travel expenses off my taxes as an occupational expense!

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6 thoughts on “Free-Lance Writer In Early Retirement?

  1. you write quite good, so why not? If there need more details, put the part with: financial adviser freelance writer, there might be seduced by the idea your articles will bring more customers 😀

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  2. I’ve often wondered when I would shift from writing to being a Writer. I’ve only got 130 posts on my blog (my goal has always been about 1 per week since I view it as a hobby), but I’ve even drafted a book about retirement transition, the non-financial side of things (it’s actually in editing). And yet, I still don’t feel like I can call myself a Writer (capital w). I wonder if I ever will?

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    1. I thought about collecting my posts into a book about planning for FIRE, but it seems like too much work to even get started! Certainly if you did a project like that you’d be an Author with a capital A.

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