Bam! My Interview with Kiplinger’s

A couple months ago, I did a 45 minute phone interview with a reporter writing for Kiplinger’s on health insurance for early retirees. She said that she had read our FIRE story on this blog and in particular a post called “Health Insurance – The Biggest Worry For Early Retirees” caught her attention.

She appreciated that we had included the dollars & cents in the description of the choices we had made in buying health insurance as early retirees.

Then earlier this week a buddy of mine texts me a copy of his latest Kiplinger’s Retirement Newsletter and BAM! – our story has landed on the front page of the August 2018 issue. Totally unexpected. They’ve also published it through Kiplinger’s online – here is the LINK.

If you’ve written as many articles (400+) for as long as I have (3+ years) you will have done a fair number of interviews that go nowhere. This author, however, was very sharp with her questions and understanding of the health insurance market. Still, I was completely surprised to see our story actually put into print.

I asked if she would link back to this website if she published anything from the interview, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Since this site is where she found me, I thought her readers could learn more about our situation if they wanted. No worries. I think it’s great they have gotten part of our FIRE story out to the masses. In fact, as a publisher, maybe Kiplinger’s has a policy against linking to other sites (although I’ve never monetized this site with advertising).

Lastly, You might be surprised to see my full name and the name of the MegaCorp employer that I am early retired from in the article. While I’ve mostly kept this site anonymous, it was never completely impossible for readers to find me out if they really wanted to. Some longtime readers have figured out many of the pieces along the way. (That said, I’ll likely still keep my identity on the down low outside of this link).

All for now – have a great weekend and let me know what you think about the Kiplinger’s article!

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3 thoughts on “Bam! My Interview with Kiplinger’s

  1. Well done, Chief! I learned from your post in the first place. Now many will in print. As for notoriety, I think you should remain “anonymous.” Though many readers know your identity, anonymity helps us relate to the “Everyman” at “Megacorp.” Onward!

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    1. Agree – it is always fun to see your name in print, but I prefer to be a nameless former cog in the MegaCorp Machine.


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