Extra Spending For ‘Go-Go’ Years

Kiplinger’s recent published an article that is getting a lot of buzz about their description of three different phases of retirement. They are proposing that retirees plan on spending more early – during your ‘Go-Go Years’ – versus later in retirement, when your energy & desire to be very active may decline. Calling the later two stages ‘Slow-Go’ and ‘Won’t-Go’, they propose people plan to … Continue reading Extra Spending For ‘Go-Go’ Years

Bam! My Interview with Kiplinger’s

A couple months ago, I did a 45 minute phone interview with a reporter writing for Kiplinger’s on health insurance for early retirees. She said that she had read our FIRE story on this blog and in particular a post called “Health Insurance – The Biggest Worry For Early Retirees” caught her attention. She appreciated that we had included the dollars & cents in the … Continue reading Bam! My Interview with Kiplinger’s

Car Insurance Rising Fast

Our son headed back to college this weekend – ending our ‘No Responsibility January’ – and starting his Spring Semester.  Among other things, this means we need to call our insurance agent this morning and take the car insurance off the vehicle that he drives when he is home.  Car insurance runs about $900 annually for the 2004 Acura TSX that he drives when he … Continue reading Car Insurance Rising Fast