Quickly Faded Dreams About MegaCorp

I had a dream last night about going back to work. In this dream the MegaCorp bosses were in a pinch and wanted me and one of my former colleagues to come back and fix the business I used to run. It seemed like fun in the dream, but I don’t know how the dream turned out since I woke up before we got too far into it. (No, I don’t think it is a message from my subconscious that it’s time to go back to work!)

I haven’t had many work dreams since I early retired – probably less than I can count on my fingers in more than two years of being a goof off. This might be the first one where I was going BACK to work. When I was working, I could recall having many work dreams – certainly at least 1x or 2x a week.

I would have expected to have work dreams when I first retired, but they seemed to disappear right away. Perhaps my mind was too busy with the new adventures that came with a FIRE lifestyle (financially independent & retired early). When I look back on my posts right after I retired – one week retired and 50 days retired – I’m surprised how busy I became right away.

If you are still working, how often do you have work dreams? How quickly did work dreams fade away after you stopped working?

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9 thoughts on “Quickly Faded Dreams About MegaCorp

  1. I have had maybe one work dream in the three years since I left. I thought I’d dream about it more too, but, nope. They actually do call me back sometimes to educate a new engineer or to take a look at parts of the plant or a sister facility in another state that just won’t behave. It is kind of fun to go back as the visiting “expert” and make suggestions. It doesn’t have the same high stress feel that my old job had when I was the guy held accountable for everything and everybody. Now on the rare occasions that they talk me into making a consulting visit it is actually a lot of fun. As long as it isn’t very often, then it might seem like a job again!

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    1. Same experience for me. Only a few work dreams, and a handful of consulting calls/projects. The longer I am away from MegaCorp, the less interest I have in those!


    1. Isn’t it surprising that something that is as a big a part of your life as your career can almost disappear overnight? Congrats!

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      1. It is a shocker. When I quit, my work was my life. I left the country and lived overseas for the first 4 years, it was a big change.

        Once in a while, I do miss the old days though. I worked at what is now a $160 B company when it was a startup so we did some very impactful work.

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      2. Moving immediately overseas overshadow not going into the office anymore. I still drive by MegaCorp HQ pretty often so Inhave a constant reminder.


  2. Oh honey, that’s not a dream…that’s a nightmare! The best part is being able to say, “Nope, not gonna do it!” when the thought of working for someone else comes creeping into your head. Now, we’ve chosen to take on some fun consulting type projects, just because we wanted to. The beauty is that we get to decide what to make of each day! That’s the stuff dreams are made of! ~ Lynn

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