Chatting with Friends – Odd Comments & Snappy Remarks

When I talk to friends, family and neighbors about my (mostly) secret plan to escape MegaCorp next April and live a life of early retirement, I’m starting to notice that the reactions people have result in one of about a dozen predictable comments. Most people (90%) are nice and say “good for you, that’s amazing”.  But other times – a small percent of the time … Continue reading Chatting with Friends – Odd Comments & Snappy Remarks

Early Retirement – “Miss” & “Won’t Miss” Lists

I’ve got more than 4 months to go, but I thought I would share the two lists I’ve started about the things I will and won’t miss about working.  So far, I have more on the “won’t miss” list, but I think you will see that they things on the “will miss” list are pretty rich and meaningful: WON’T MISS: Monthly budget meetings / sales … Continue reading Early Retirement – “Miss” & “Won’t Miss” Lists

FIRE Milestones – Reaching Millionaire Status

I’m going to start this post (part of a series of posts about retirement milestones), with the assumption that most early retirees in the developed world will reach millionaire status as a matter of course in achieving financial independence.  I know the FIRE community is filled with a good number of frugal-living devotees, but I think building toward a $1 million dollar net worth would … Continue reading FIRE Milestones – Reaching Millionaire Status

Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 5 Months Left

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.56.59 PM

Well, this has certainly been the most dramatic month in the nine months I’ve been posting about our countdown to early retirement. The stock market surged back to positive this month – even my MegaCorp’s stock as they aim to layoff 1,500 useless corporate bureaucrats like me by end of year (Merry Christmas!).

Continue reading “Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 5 Months Left”