Traveling With Little Pupper

Six weeks into our Sunshine State adventure, traveling with our new dog has actually gone pretty well. Riley is 14 months old now and has really matured over the last few months. Gone are the ‘Devil Dog’ days of his puppyhood. He’s actually been a pleasure to have along in the trip … and I never thought I’d say that!

He flew down with us on the airplane – under the seat. He didn’t like the travel carrier he was in too much, but the vet gave us a sleeping pill for him that worked for the whole flight. After we got here, it took the first couple weeks for him to adjust. He needed to bark at all of the strange sounds he heard in Florida, which he still does a bit.

On the bright side, we’ve been able to leave him alone in our vacation cottage for hours at a time now. That’s not something we ever did at home, but what he has now gotten used to. We brought a little internet camera with us to spy on him and generally see him peacefully snoozing on the couch or chair when we are gone.

For activities that keep us away longer than 3-4 hours, we’ve found some local doggy daycare / daycamps. Those places work well on a day like today, when we are heading over to EPCOT Center. We can put him the day camp from 8a-3p, bring him home for a walk & some play, and then head back to the parks in the evening, leaving him in the cottage. He’s a tired pupper by that point of the day and happy to rest.

The Margaritaville resort we are staying at is very dog friendly. There are a huge number of walking paths and courtyards between all of the cottages and along the lake. They have doggy poop bag / trash stations organized every couple hundred yards and even a ‘Barkaritaville’ off-leash dog park where the dogs can go wild.

There is also a large shopping / restaurant / entertainment district adjacent to the resort where we can take him for a stroll and eat outside. He is so cute he attracts quite a few folks that want to ask about him and kids that want to pet him. They have a little cottage there that broadcasts the programming on Sirius XM’s ‘Margaritaville’ channel and the other night, Riley was like a celebrity drawing his own crowd in front of the studio. Good fun!

Have you travel with your pet? What was that like? Any tips?

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4 thoughts on “Traveling With Little Pupper

  1. The last time I flew to Minneapolis, I was upgraded and the gent next to me had his small dog with him. I think the dog was a Maltese and he rode on his lap most of the way and was great.

    When my wife and I travel, we normally bring our Rottweiler and Rotterman along. Car sickness used to be a problem until we started feeding them a raw diet instead of kibble. So I guess my tip is looking into feeding your dog a raw diet which seems to have health benefits beyond avoiding car sickness. Dogs love traveling and are happy to just be with the group going and getting to go somewhere.

    Yesterday evening, my two son’s went to a Korean Restaurant and took the Rotterman along and he went inside with him. He did a down stay and the other patrons came up to meet him.

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    1. Our neighbor has a Maltese – it probably only weighs 4#s! Florida is nice for dogs compared with Minnesota. Lots of dog-friendly patio restaurants that are open year-round. We went to Gulfport today and Riley loved walking the street market and eating out on the sidewalk. We met SO many people with dogs.

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      1. Sounds like you have trained Riley. Many people with smaller dogs do not train their dogs because they believe it isn’t necessary, and then they end up with a dog who doesn’t get along with others and end up getting into fights that they start and lose.

        One of the dog parks I go to has two sections; under 40 pounds and over 40 pounds. Some of the people with smaller dogs bring their little guys over into the big dog side, because the big dogs are trained and act better.

        Good for you training and socializing Riley.

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