FIRE Milestones – Formal Resignation Notice

Yes I did.  I turned in my formal resignation for early retirement last week Wednesday. It was an epic day almost from the dawn’s first light.  A magical snowstorm came through our state, leaving ten inches of crystal white snow over the landscape.  We greeted the day as a family with buckwheat flapjacks, real maple syrup and a one hour “late start” to work and … Continue reading FIRE Milestones – Formal Resignation Notice

Early Retirement FIRE Escape – Two Months To Go!

We are in the home stretch, indeed.  This is the January month end report of our journey to financial independence & retiring early (“FIRE”).  It was a full year ago I published the first of this countdown series, when I was 14 months away from the date.  Each month I try to recap the key events & decisions that are made in hopes that someone … Continue reading Early Retirement FIRE Escape – Two Months To Go!

Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 5 Months Left

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.56.59 PM

Well, this has certainly been the most dramatic month in the nine months I’ve been posting about our countdown to early retirement. The stock market surged back to positive this month – even my MegaCorp’s stock as they aim to layoff 1,500 useless corporate bureaucrats like me by end of year (Merry Christmas!).

Continue reading “Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 5 Months Left”

Blue Days @ MegaCorp / Financial Independence

Yesterday my MegaCorp employer announced weak sales, record profits, and 1,500 job cuts. The rumors started about a week ago and proved true the old adage that 99% of organizational rumors are true. While no plans have been announced for how they are going to go about the layoffs, a couple things are understood: Continue reading “Blue Days @ MegaCorp / Financial Independence”

Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 6 Month Countdown

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My profound wife likes to say that often the “days go slow, but months go fast”.  That feels appropriate to my situation, as I am surprised that I have just 6 months left to my planned early retirement (on 4/1/16), despite the fact that I recently wrote that time seems to be moving slower than I thought it would.

Six months is still a long time – yet, at the same time, it seems like I am now very near the daunting precipice of the unknown.  My thoughts are increasingly “who does this?”, “who leaves their successful career 10 years early to enjoy a life of independence and leisure?” and “will I be wasting my god-given (and relatively highly paid) talents?”

While I wrestle with my fast & slow consternations, I am also watching our nest egg through the relative volatility of the financial markets, that started in August.  Continue reading “Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 6 Month Countdown”

Time Moving Slowly to Early Retirement Date


We are still 6+ months from our planned early retirement date and I have to report that time is moving a bit slowly.  I thought when I was within one year of my secret plan to escape Megacorp for a life of FIRE (financial independence & retiring early), that things would start to feel accelerated, but that hasn’t really been the case.  

One of the factors that I thought would make this final year move fast was the idea that I would be doing certain things for the ‘last time’ as I moved through each of the last 12 months.   Continue reading “Time Moving Slowly to Early Retirement Date”

Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 7 Month Countdown

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August was the month where I would say that “this sh*t is getting real”.  With just 7 months left before my FIRE Escape date to early retirement on April Fool’s Day 2016, planning & preparation are definitely moving into full swing. 

August has been a quite eventful month for a few reasons and there has been a lot of volatility in the stock markets to add to the excitement:  Here’s my checklist of things I got done this month:

  • Read Ernie Zelinski’s book “The Joy of Not Working”.  Good inspiration.
  • Had my last annual physical at the MegaCorp medical center.  Good health.
  • Had my second-to-last Dentist visit.  Good teeth.
  • Started my new “side job” – a corporate board role.  Good meetings.
  • Met with our tax advisor.  Good numbers.
  • Continued to update my countdown flags.  Good fun.
  • Watched the stock market rock & roll.  Good luck!

While the stock market fell -4.3% in August, our nest egg has remained pretty resilient at +1.9%.  The difference maker for us has been a sizable holding in my former MegaCorp employer’s stock, which has stayed strong through the Wall Street panic, remaining +4.4% for the year.  Since these shares are in stock options, they have positive leverage and a better than average impact on our total portfolio. Continue reading “Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 7 Month Countdown”

Countdown To Retirement – Progress Update

It seems like just yesterday that I posted a blog listing “7 Ways To Countdown To Early Retirement“, but it actually has been a full 22 weeks since I got counting with the secret Post-it Note flags I put inside my credenza door at work. I just wanted to post my progress since I have now removed the entire top row from the countdown and … Continue reading Countdown To Retirement – Progress Update