Merry Christmas – 2019 Christmas Countdown

Every year for the last 10 years, I’ve posted a ‘countdown’ of vintage Christmas advertising, classic toys, or antique post cards on my personal Facebook feed. A few years ago, I started sharing them here – as a Christmas card of sorts to readers. This year’s Christmas countdown focused on 25 classic magazines featuring the ‘golden age’ of cover illustration. It was a fun countdown … Continue reading Merry Christmas – 2019 Christmas Countdown

Christmas Classic Toy Countdown

In addition to writing a couple articles a week for this site every week, I also enjoy writing a Christmas Countdown that I post on my personal Facebook feed.  I’ve posted my ’25 Ads of Christmas’ for a number of years and feature vintage advertising with great illustration.

This year, I did something different: I researched 25 ‘Classic Toys’ and wrote a little bit about the history of each.  Just as I shared last year’s countdown here (LINK), I thought I’d collect this year’s and share it here too!

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S ! 

🚂 Classic Toy Countdown #25 – In 1905, Joshua Lionel Cowen first circled Christmas Trees with his electrified Lionel Train. Wind-up trains had been popular for decades, but Lionel made Christmas “unforgettable” and became a toy people continued to play with into adulthood!

📷 Classic Toy Countdown #24 – Revealed at the 1939 World’s Fair in NY, the View Master modernized stereoscopic viewers. Originally sold through high-end specialty photography stores with travel & history reels, View Master reached major toy status with a landmark Disney licensing deal.

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Birthday From From MegaCorp Past

Its hard to believe that I’ve been writing this blog 2-3x a week for over 3 years. I started it more than a year before I retired and now that milestone is two years in the rear view mirror. I’ve enjoyed sharing this journey and appreciated all of the recent positive comments, messages, tweets, and emails readers passed on during the ‘Two Year FIRE Anniversary’ … Continue reading Birthday From From MegaCorp Past

FIRE Station Fun – Let Me Count The Ways

A number of readers have been chatting about how many months they have until their own early retirement dates and how anxious they are getting.  I started this blog when I had 15 months left before my FIRE escape date from MegaCorp.  That seemed like a really long time at that point, but now when I reflect on it, it seems like no time at … Continue reading FIRE Station Fun – Let Me Count The Ways

Roman Holiday In Early Retirement

One of my team members told me today that they are now on their “final lap”.  We were talking about great cities to visit – my favorite is Rome – and they shared their plans to start traveling more in early retirement.  Next year! This person plans on retiring on 5/1/16 after 35 enjoyable years at our dear MegaCorp.  They’ve been a company loyalist for … Continue reading Roman Holiday In Early Retirement

Early Retirement FIRE Escape – Final Month!

Well, here we are: my last month of work.   Last month of work?  How did that come so fast? The truth is it did not come fast – although things have accelerated in a HUGE way since I announced I was leaving MegaCorp. I wrote just a few months ago about how slow things were progressing as I worked my way through my last year before early … Continue reading Early Retirement FIRE Escape – Final Month!

FIRE Milestones – Announcing To Colleagues

It has been a full week since giving formal notice to resign my job and leave MegaCorp for early retirement. Once that was properly toasted with a glass of fine scotch, it was time to tell everyone else in the office – friends, teammates, and other corporate colleagues.  Sharing this news is clearly one of the most looked forward to of FIRE Milestones. Related:  See … Continue reading FIRE Milestones – Announcing To Colleagues

FIRE Milestones – Formal Resignation Notice

Yes I did.  I turned in my formal resignation for early retirement last week Wednesday. It was an epic day almost from the dawn’s first light.  A magical snowstorm came through our state, leaving ten inches of crystal white snow over the landscape.  We greeted the day as a family with buckwheat flapjacks, real maple syrup and a one hour “late start” to work and … Continue reading FIRE Milestones – Formal Resignation Notice