Post-it Flag Countdown Update

Countdown 3 Wks

This is the latest picture of the overhead cabinet in my office at MegaCorp.  Each week for the last 52 weeks, I have been pulling down a marker to countdown the weeks.  I thought I would share a quick picture now while there is a few still left.

Here’s what it looked like originally and at the last update I showed …

2015-04-07 09.34.44  2015-08-31 08.18.54

It’s amazing to see the progress.  I typically pulled them down on Friday afternoons, but sometimes I’d forget on my way out for the weekend and catch them on Monday morning. There’s a small, but mighty satisfaction that comes with pulling each one down ~ especially with just THREE weeks to go at this point.

One time I tweeted these out to @3M who makes the Post-it® Tape Flags and they “liked” the idea.  I thought it was a good extended use idea for the product (for retirement, vacations, last day of school, wedding, etc) –  it’s a colorful little tool to countdown life’s moments.  That said, what do I know about marketing anyway?

So – three weeks to go;  Oh, and I have a one week vacation still coming up!

Happy Friday everyone!

Image Credit:; Post®-it Flag (3M Company)


10 thoughts on “Post-it Flag Countdown Update

  1. I would do this as a child for upcoming events and vacations, but it’s just as much fun when you’re all grown up. Especially when you’re counting down to your early retirement, congrats!


  2. I have always LOVED your post it note countdown and I can’t believe there are only three left (and one is a vacation week!). Congrats, man. I can’t say it enough.

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    1. Thanks – almost there! As excited as I am to be done, I am more excited by some of the opportunities that are coming together!

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  3. Its also easy to find a good use for 3M POST-IT (R) flags when you work for 3M 🙂
    congratulations on the early retirement

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