Roman Holiday In Early Retirement

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One of my team members told me today that they are now on their “final lap”.  We were talking about great cities to visit – my favorite is Rome – and they shared their plans to start traveling more in early retirement.  Next year!

This person plans on retiring on 5/1/16 after 35 enjoyable years at our dear MegaCorp.  They’ve been a company loyalist for many years, but are now heading into their late 50s and want to make an early exit.  I am very excited because they are someone I have enjoyed getting to know in the 2 years I’ve been with MegaCorp.

This individual doesn’t know of my FIRE plan.  In fact, because I am about 7 years younger, I think this person figures I have many years to go.  I hinted that “I’m hoping to not be that far behind you” as we discussed post-retirement travel strategies.  The truth is that I expect to be exactly 1 month ahead of them!

Tonight my mind is clicking.  When should I share my FIRE plan with this person?  With my exit date also less than 1 year away maybe we can become partners in crime as we count down our days to FIRE.  Or, as this person’s official manager, do I have a corporate obligation of some sort to keep quiet?

I’ll have to noodle over the implications for a while, but I would love to hear anyone’s advice.

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4 thoughts on “Roman Holiday In Early Retirement

  1. I’d keep very, very quiet about your own plans. At least until the public knowledge of your escape plan & date can’t affect any bonuses, the kind of tasks you have to undertake, which office you work out of and anything else that can affect your day-to-day happiness.

    Share your plans on the day you hand your notice in, no-one needs to know before then.


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