Birthday From From MegaCorp Past

Its hard to believe that I’ve been writing this blog 2-3x a week for over 3 years. I started it more than a year before I retired and now that milestone is two years in the rear view mirror. I’ve enjoyed sharing this journey and appreciated all of the recent positive comments, messages, tweets, and emails readers passed on during the ‘Two Year FIRE Anniversary’ series.

Of all of the posts I’ve written, I most remember the experience of writing this POST more than any other. I was working on my birthday the year before I left MegaCorp. I was stuck in an all-day Strategic Planning meeting and captured the ridiculousness of my MegaCorp existence in real-time as a I sat in the corner of the room.

After two full years of early retirement, the post brings me back to what feels like another lifetime. Before you make your FIRE escape, take time to record your thoughts at work. Make note of what you really like / don’t like about working and how many days are fun/boring/awful. Believe it or not, you’ll appreciate having those memories captured for later!

Image Credit: Pixabay

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