Birthday Calculator

A friend posted a picture of her grandmother celebrating her 103rd birthday this week – that’s some milestone! Since my birthday is also in April, I got to thinking about the odds of reaching three digits. I found this interesting online calculator that gives you an estimate of your likelihood to reach the century mark: The doctor who hosts it – Doctor Thomas Perls … Continue reading Birthday Calculator

Birthday From From MegaCorp Past

Its hard to believe that I’ve been writing this blog 2-3x a week for over 3 years. I started it more than a year before I retired and now that milestone is two years in the rear view mirror. I’ve enjoyed sharing this journey and appreciated all of the recent positive comments, messages, tweets, and emails readers passed on during the ‘Two Year FIRE Anniversary’ … Continue reading Birthday From From MegaCorp Past

FIRE Station Fun – Birthday Freedom

It’s hard to think about financial independence and retiring early separate from the concept of AGE.  I’ve been early retired for a year now and I get the questions constantly: How old are you?  You look too young to be retired?  What will you do for the rest of your life? I retired two weeks short of my fiftieth birthday last year, and TODAY – … Continue reading FIRE Station Fun – Birthday Freedom

FIRE Countdown – Last Birthday in the Office

Today is my 49th birthday.  That might seem like a big number or a small number, depending on your perspective.  Right now it means I’m slightly on the younger side of the 20 people in the strategic planning meeting that I am sitting in at MegaCorp. Today’s a Tuesday.  Tuesday is a terrible day for a birthday, because if there are important meetings scheduled, you’re … Continue reading FIRE Countdown – Last Birthday in the Office