Dress-Up Wardrobe Update

I decluttered my closet about a year after retiring early, but kept some of my ‘execu-wardrobe’ for board meetings and special occasions. Then the pandemic hit and I stopped dressing up for much of anything. I just needed to put a collared shirt on over my fleece pajama pants when I was on Zoom. Related: Fuzzy FIRE Lifestyle Related: FIRE Station FUN – Decluttering Work … Continue reading Dress-Up Wardrobe Update

FIRE Station FUN – Decluttering Work Clothes

  My closet has a big hole in it.  Last weekend, while getting home from a weekend trip, I noticed how many dress shirts I have clogging my closet.  I decided it was a good time to go through my former work attire and “declutter” my wardrobe.   While I did some major decluttering immediately after I retired, I didn’t really touch my work clothes. … Continue reading FIRE Station FUN – Decluttering Work Clothes