Really BAD Financial Advice

If you follow personal finance news at all, you may have recently seen Suze Orman making headlines by throwing up all over the FIRE (financially independent & retired early) movement.  When it comes to FIRE, she says she “Hates it. Hates it. Hates it.” and it may be the “dumbest personal finance decision” people can make. I’ve written before about Orman’s highly suspect financial expertise and … Continue reading Really BAD Financial Advice

Financial Fiction? – Suze Orman’s Background

NBC’s Brian Williams has been my favorite evening news anchor for quite a while.  He has a smart way of turning a phrase that brings a wry smile to the day’s events.  To see all of the trouble he is in for perhaps fudging the truth on his telling of a helicopter ride more than a dozen years ago is painful to watch.  You can’t … Continue reading Financial Fiction? – Suze Orman’s Background