Poll Results – Savings At The Time Of Early Retirement


The MrMoneyMustache.com forum recently had a poll on how much money people saved before the retired early.  People have different definitions of early retirement (for some it’s 40 or 50 or 60).  Additionally, the MMM website has a significant focus on ‘frugal living’, so I’m not sure how representative it is overall.  Nonetheless, the poll did have over 150 early retirees weighing in … so here it is …

  • 10% – Less than $500K
  • 29% – Between $500K-$1M
  • 21% – Between $1M-$1.5M
  • 13% – Between $1.5M-$2M
  • 27% – More than $2M

Without revealing too much, I feel quite comfortable with our savings when I see these numbers.  Obviously, what you expect to spend in retirement is critical, but it’s nice to have a benchmark when treading into uncertain waters.  It’s easy to find data on net worth across different age groups, but you don’t often see this data set.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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