Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 10 Month Countdown

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Ten months left.  This post marks the 10 month point in my countdown to FIRE – being financially independent and retired early. My FIRE escape date is planned for April 1, 2016 – just a few weeks before my 50th birthday. Each month I’ve been counting down the activities that are getting me prepared.

This month’s headline is that the overall stock market continues to be up about +3% for the year (same as last month).  Additionally, the MegaCorp that I our nest egg is heavily invested in reaffirmed it’s earning guidance and creeped up a little more to +5.5% for the year.  In fact, when it peaked at +7% a few weeks ago I unloaded a little more stock for cash and built our early retirement cash reserves a little more.

I’ve also made progress in my plan to find a company board role to keep my passion for business active.  I’ve found a family owned enterprise that is looking for an outside director to join their board and they like my experience.  It seems like a great company that is growing, strong on fundamentals, and well valued by their customers.   They’ve asked me to come to their HQ (in a beautiful little resort town) and meet their senior team.  I hope the visit goes well.

Since June is summertime, I have also started “summer hours” at MegaCorp and we have a big family vacation coming up.  Our family of three will be heading to London & on a Scandinavian/Russia cruise in June.  It’s our BIG trip of the year.  It’s an expensive trip, but I won’t feel guilty to spend time with my family given that I have already made my second deposit to our “One More Year for Charity” account with my May paycheck.  Second month now I’ve worked at MegaCorp for “free”.  All the money I earned will be given to charity in early retirement.

Final Year Of Work – 10 Month Checklist:

  • Keep the countdown up – 43 weeks to go
  • Continue to build cash reserves – goal is 3 years spending at retirement
  • Set up a meeting with your financial advisor for a check up
  • Take your vacation time off and think about being off “full time”
  • “One More Year” Charitable Fund

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6 thoughts on “Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 10 Month Countdown

  1. So curious — is your financial adviser on board with your plan? We’ve struggled to find one who really understands about early retirement and keeping expenses low, and isn’t trying to push the “everyone needs $5M to retire” story line.


    1. Worked with our current financial planner over the last 8–10 years. The size of your nest egg is only relevant to your expected spend rate, so those two numbers need to stay in perspective with each other. I am not much of a “frugal living” specialist. I would be hesitant to drop my career and live on a lifestyle that is less than what I’ve grown accustomed to. The most important discussion we’ve had with our financial planner is to be flexible on spending in retirement over a 40 year horizon. He has run Monte Carlo simulations to show the probabilities – no different or better than FIRE Calc or other online resources (although he does tend to caution on the side of conservatism in his inputs).


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