Fitter or Fatter in Early Retirement?


Like many folks looking forward to early retirement, Captain Sparky is thinking about how he can become more fit.   Retirement goals are predicated on good health, and a lot of early retirees make it a priority.

My health has always been good. I had my appendix out once, but that’s about it. I’m 49 years old, 6’ 2” and weigh about 215 pounds, which is down about 10 pounds from last year. If I could get my weight down another 15 pounds I would feel pretty good. I’ll get there.  I’ve been going at it slow & steady, tracking what I’m eating each day and walking on the treadmill or going golfing on non-work days.

It’s certainly a lot easier to “find the time” on days that I am off (weekends). I recently saw a post on Reddit/Financial Independence on whether early retirement has made people more “fit or fat” (is Covert Bailey still around?).   I aggregated the responses that people had posted and here’s what I saw:

  • 14 people – More Fit
  • 2 people – About the Same
  • 2 people – Less Fit

Not a huge sample with only 18 respondents, but a decided tilt (78%) toward using your extra time to become fitter.  I suppose once you are retired, it is harder to find excuses not to be active.  Some people say “get a dog for exercise” (we don’t have one right now).  Another suggested that you work “exer-errands” into your day – ride a bike up to the store, for instance.

My DW works out pretty much every weekday (when I’m at work and DS is in school).  I’m hoping I can continue my work out for an hour every day I am not working into retirement. At least boost it from two times a week to five times. That would be a huge improvement.

Image Credit:  Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Fitter or Fatter in Early Retirement?

  1. LOL — Don’t get a dog just for exercise! Get a dog if you want a dog. 🙂 Like you, we’re hoping that it’s easier to stay in shape in ER, without all of the time spent working and traveling for work!


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