FIRE Station Fun – Holiday Shopping

Heading Christmas shopping this weekend?  They say it’s not the price of the gift, but the thought behind it. Despite that, many people over-spend on gifts this time of the year and have a big credit card bill to deal with the day after New Year’s.  

How do your Holiday shopping habits compare to the average American household? Click on this LINK to read an article from last year that looks at the numbers behind the holiday.  

Happy shopping!

4 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Holiday Shopping

  1. We tend to keep on the low side of spending for sure. Although this year we did buy a new bike for our 6-year-old daughter because hers is too small. On the plus side though, I ended up getting it for less than $50 thanks to Paribus and a cash-back program from my credit card… score!!

    Have a great holiday!!

    — Jim

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    1. Well that sounds like a great deal! We haven’t started shopping at all yet. I saw on the news that as of last weekend 9% of people said they were done. Who are these people? 😉

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    1. I think a lot of people use the sales as an excuse to buy things for themselves. It is a fun time of year to be out in the stores – why not buy yourself a gift!? 😉

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