FIRE Station Fun – Chillaxing January


After 9 months, we are definitely having the most ‘chill’ month we’ve had since we early retired last year.  I’ve been calling it ‘no responsibility January’ since I’m off work, my son is home from college, and my wife is working very few hours at her part-part-time job.  Basically, no one is doing anything responsible!

While the rest of the world has gotten squared back into the 9-to-5 work and school day, we’ve been going to movies, visiting museums, gone skiing, and are now on an 8-day Mexican beach holiday.  We arrived in Cabo San Lucas earlier this week.  This is the winter trip from our early retirement travel framework, which is working wonderfully.

As it turns out the drinking age in Mexico is still 18 years old – same as what it was when I was young in the USA.  We weren’t more than 10 minutes through Mexican customs when my 19 year old son bought the first round of refrescos.  Whether it is a chill cerveza or a slushy margarita – a Mexican drinking holiday certainly pays out on the promise of early retirement!

Image Credit: Pixabay

9 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Chillaxing January

  1. I really like the idea. Even when retired, there are always chores and home projects pulling at you. Something to do or something you should be doing. Nice to just take a break and enjoy yourself for a while.

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  2. Yup, we had a nice little cold spell for awhile. While I doubt you’re the least bit jealous, you’re missing out on temps in the 40s. You know there will be people out and about in their winter shorts.

    How cool that your son could buy a round of cervezas. I look forward to sharing a cold one with my sons someday, but preferably more than a decade away!

    Have a great trip!


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