FIRE Station Fun – Independence Day


As tomorrow is Independence Day, I will tell you that I never appreciated the idea of freedom as much as I do in early retirement.  Living a completely autonomous lifestyle – independent of an employer’s bureaucracy, policy-making, or decision making – is the happiest way of living I can imagine.  Even if I owned my own business, I would feel beholden to customers, employees, and suppliers.   

I often say that in early retirement your fundamental relationship with time completely changes – it changes profoundly because ALL of your time is now yours to use.  Complete INDEPENDENCE. 


11 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Independence Day

    1. For this reason – and others – I prefer to call it Independence Day, instead of the Fourth of July.


    1. Good article, Boss – certainly we are all capable of being revolutionary late in life. That said, I think the author overstates his case by using the ‘average life expectancy of 35’ for the time of the founders. Research shows that those low numbers were driven by infant mortality – most adults lived pretty long lives. Other than Washington (age 67), all of our first half dozen presidents lived into their 80s or 90s.


  1. Agree, freedom is where its at. As you get older you realize how much more important time really is. Like you mention, you don’t want your life dictated by whatever crap Megacorp comes up with. Gain your independence so you can enjoy some good quality years and not have to work till you’re 65.

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