Drip Payments Gradually Accelerate

It’s been a few years since I lamented recurring payment schemes that many companies advance now a days. When I first wrote about this, I had five different subscription-based purchases …

Link: The Ongoing Drip of Subscription Purchases

My goal at the time was to trim some of them back. Who needs so many, anyway?

Of course, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I have gotten rid of exactly NONE of them in almost 4 years. In fact, I gradually added things like Apple iCloud Storage and Spotify over the last couple years.

Recently it’s gotten worse as a good friend suggested Apple News+ – which gives you access to the daily WSJ and a hundred magazines – conveniently in my iPad. And, the Disney+ streaming service launched and the Star Wars geek in me needed to be first to see Baby Yoda.

Now I am afraid to run the truebill.com service that reveals how many subscriptions you are signed up for and helps you cancel them. Not only am I annoyed by the almost silent, recurring payments – I love the services they come with!

What’s the trend been on the number of subscriptions you are signed up for?

Happy Weekend!

Image Credit: Pixabay

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