Edgar Guest – ‘It Couldn’t Be Done’


Today, our son joins the world of full-time work after graduating from college last weekend.  He’s starting work in software/web development at a great company that he was an intern at last summer.

Last night we were talking about the business and the fun of working on businesses challenges.  I’ve been early retired for over 4 years at this point, but have always loved the excitement of ‘doing the impossible’ to solve a big challenge or grow a business.

I shared with him this Edgar Guest poem that I used to keep on my office wall.  I first heard it shared on Public Radio 25 years ago and found it inspirational.  For me, it spoke to the optimism, grit, and focus needed to be successful at work.

Guest was a columnist from Birmingham, England known as the ‘People’s Poet’.

I shared it with many colleagues over the years and thought some of you might find it interesting too.  After all, achieving FIRE – financial independence & retiring early – is also viewed as the ‘Thing That Couldn’t Be Done’ by many people!

2000-06-01 - It Couldn't Be Done

Image Credit: The Dabbler UK

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